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The excursions are usually led by experienced guides but guests can also embark on private excursions with a rented car or by using the public transportation with our help and useful information provided at the reception. The most exciting destinations are the Samaria gorge, the Imbros gorge as well as the archeological sites of Festos and Knossos.

Diving - Speargun
A getaway with caution to the crystal clear waters of Kommos at Matala as well as to the Red Beach is always a very impressive adventure.

You can find out about educational excursions to Archelos at Kommos where you will encounter a sea turtle refugee.

Horseback Riding
At a distance just 3 km from Matala horseback riding tours are organized to the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the village.

For hiking and sightseeing enthusiasts there are many sights and landscapes that can only be reached on foot and there are plenty such places to visit in the area. You can contact the reception for further information and details.

Culture lovers can visit an array of museums and world renowned archeological sites such as the palace of king Minos at Knossos, the ancient city of Phaistos as well as the ancient tombs and the archeological sites of Gortyna. Some of the places of religious interest are the Holy Monastery of Panaghia at Kalyviani and the Holy Trinity.

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